The VR Quest® mission is dedicated to integrating the latest educational Virtual Reality technology into the classroom. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients to ensure that the needs of the students, teachers and administrators are met.


VR Quest integrates fully-immersive Virtual Reality technology into the classroom. Our mission is to enrich students’ lives by offering high-end computer instruction in Virtual Reality and teaching real-life skills through a project-based learning (PBL) model. The VR Quest program is offered in camps, public and private schools, museums, community centers, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, and after-school enrichment centers nationwide. VR Quest is the definitive constructivist process in step with the current movement to improve student academic outcomes via computer technology, and therefore VR Quest presents a unique opportunity for students worldwide.

VR Quest was founded by Warren L. Black and the program was implemented at Bayside Middle School for the Arts and Technology in San Mateo, California. This was the first time that fully-immersive VR technology was used as part of a daily classroom science curriculum. Upon completion of this one-year project, the national media heralded the success of VR Quest on television news segments and in various printed publications.

Black partnered with PCS Education Systems, Inc. (PCS) to operate VR Quest programs at PCS enrichment centers throughout the northwest United States and VR Quest became integrated into the company’s summer camp and after-school enrichment centers in California, Washington, and additional VR Quest programs were offered at Saint Mark’s School and East Avenue Middle School in California, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and the Foundation for Educational Innovation (FEI) in Washington, D.C.

A deeper understanding of the enormous growth potential of the VR Quest program was realized when the Federal Government chose to fund the program in 30 public schools as part of a comprehensive summer camp program for children of welfare recipients. This $6 million grant provided 2,800 Washington D.C. children with academic, recreational, and art activities for an eight-week period and has since become an integral part of the school curriculum in those 30 public schools.

VR Quest is located in New York. From there, the company works closely with summer camp programs, after-school enrichment, and school districts nationwide to offer students a uniquely exciting and satisfying learning experience that teaches skills which are highly prized in today’s and tomorrow’s job markets.